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Prototype Do-335 Pfeil, followed by it's full production variants, then a series of improved prototypes based on existing aircraft for ease of production and inter-changeability of parts. To replace the very out-dated and aging Stuka Dive-bomber, the Luftwaffe adopts the Ju-287 Staghund. Based around a similar wing design and purpose but with a much more powerful engine and secondary water-injection booster, the Ju-287 marks a new stage in the airwar over Britain.

Oblt.Hans Schmoller-Haldy’s Messer “tripala” and friends dizing with some Republican “Moscas” late in the Spanish Guerra Civil.He was a member of Legion Condor 3.J/88 (the Mickey Mouse Staffel).His personal emblem was a generous “Cardinal Paff Orens” jug of beer. Artist: Francis Bergese.

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Flying high: Weird looking planes

Top gun: Major Jerauld Gentry standing in front of the HL-10. This was one of a series of experimental space re-entry aircraft known as lifting body designs. The design increased the aerodynamic capabilities of the aircraft