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15 Amazing Step by Step Nail Tutorials

Australia Day Nail Art Tutorial: #nailart #tutorial

Cool black and white tie dye nails.

Cool black and white tie dye nails.

Nails. Fashion. Nail Art. Nail Polish. Style. Nail Design. Manicure. Style. Colors. Pink, green, purple, peach, China Glaze, Heart. Valentine's Day Nail Art.

How to do simple nail art designs for beginners step by step

Step-by-step Minnie Mouse Nails 1. Paint your nails with clear glitter nail polish and let dry. 2. Paint the tips of your nails and let dry. 3. Using a dotting tool or toothpicks, dot white spots on the red. 4. Using a dotting tool or toothpicks, dot three black dots in the corner of each nail to create Minnie. Or, print out this picture and take it to a manicurist. (-:3

Rainbow Dots in layers of clear. cool technique. I'm not usually one for nail art, but I like how this reminds me of art glass.

Dotting Tools 101: The Definitive Guide to Getting Dotty - How to Use Dotting Tools for Nail Art (Tips, Tutorial) by Manicurity for The Digital Dozen

How To Do Nail Art Step By Step With Pictures | Easy Tutorials

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