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Bible Fun For Kids: Bible Class Tent Ideas @ http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2012/08/bible-class-tent-ideas.html

The story of Jacob Kids Bible Lesson: This Jacob wrestles with God kids Bible story is an epic tale of a man wrestling with his past, his future and God himself. Taken from Genesis 32, this stunning presentation will provide all you need to teach this Bible story to your Sunday school class. You will love these amazing teaching resources including Q&A, memory verse, big idea, and much more.

The Wisdom of Solomon Kids Bible Lesson: This wisdom of Solomon presentation shares the Bible story of Israel's third king. The son of King David, Solomon was brilliant remembered to this day as one of the wisest men who ever lived. Yet for all his wisdom, Solomon walked away from God and lived a life full of sin. King Solomon painfully learned it is only God who satisfies. With clearly presented Biblical truths this wisdom of Solomon slideshow is guaranteed to strengthen your kids faith.

John 6 Bread of Life Kids Bible Lesson: The powerful Bread of Life kids Bible story (John 6:22-71). Part one of the Sharefaith Kids I AM lesson series, the bread of life kids Bible story finds Jesus surrounded by a hungry crowd looking for a miracle. But Jesus declares that he is the miracle! It is Jesus alone who can satisfy the spiritual hunger of the human heart. This kids Bible lesson is packed full of resources like Q&A, memory verse, and more.

Joshua 2 The Story of Rahab Kids Bible Lesson: The amazing Bible story of Rahab (Joshua 2). Preceding the famous battle of Jericho two Hebrew spies snuck behind enemy lines and took shelter in the house of Rahab. Rahab recognized that the God of these two Hebrews was the true and living God. She asked that they spare her and her family. Remembered as a hero of faith, the story of Rahab in inspiring!

Joshua 10 Sun Stand Still Kids Bible Lesson: Sun Stand Still (Joshua 10:1-15). This kids Bible story begins with Joshua coming to the aid of the Gibeonites who found themselves under attack. Confident of victory, Joshua prayed to God asking for the sun to stand still giving Joshua's forces time to complete the victory.

2 Chronicles 20 Give Thanks to the Lord Kids Bible Story: Give Thanks to the Lord Kids Bible Story (2 Chronicles 20:1-30) This lesson is the perfect way to explore the importance of gratitude with your class. A great lesson for Thanksgiving, or any other time of year, this is a must-have teaching resource. Teach your kids that we always have reason to give thanks because of the amazing love of God. Lesson includes: artwork, Q&A discussion, big idea, memory verse and much more!

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