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Rejection is God's way of saying "wrong direction." <3 it does seem to be that way, almost as if God were picking you up and placing you back on the track you were meant to be on.. :)

This woman has cried a thousand tears & is still smiling. Has been broken, betrayed, abandoned, rejected, but she still walks proud. Laughs loud, lives without fear, loves without doubt. This woman is beautiful. This woman is humble, this woman is me.

“Rejection is just God redirecting you into the right path.” We hear it all the time but is it really? I will have to admit, I don’t believe that wholeheartedly. I do believe it can be redirected properly when the individual being rejected actually knows how to identify it. Most people that face rejection don’t know how to deal with it, especially when someone is living in a continuous state of rejection.

God does not want the person in your future... listen to Him. He has something better for you.

Do you ever feel like a failure? God doesn’t see you that way! Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? You are ALWAYS good enough in His eyes! Feeling the pain of rejection? God will always invite you into His arms! Feeling empty? Read the Bible! Depressed? Cry out to Him! He is always near! Anxious? Turn OFF the news! You’re precious in God’s eyes! The world may be in disarray, but we don’t have to feel that way! Fill your soul with good and be a light to others!

from Rachel Rofe

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Rejection = God's protection :)

This morning, I want you to grasp a hold of a thing God can't do. He can't abandon you. Rejection or abandonment by people is a fairly common experience. Friends leave us, family have feuds, even marriages break down. Those feelings or abandonment often cut deep, cut hard and cut long. God is going to be with you always. He is not going to abandon you half way though your journey.He not going to leave you when the going gets tough. No. God loves you too much for that. He is there for you…