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Allied Conference - NA002055 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. An allies grand-strategy conference in North Africa. Sitting left to right are: Adm. E. J. King; Sir Winston Churchill; President Roosevelt; Standing: Maj. Gen. Sir Hastings Ismay; Lord Louis Mountbatten; and Field Marshall Sir John Dill. 1943.

LC-USZ62-98901: Casablanca Conference, January 14-24, 1943. Casablanca, Morocco. American and British chiefs of staff in conference in the Anfa Hotel. Left of the conference table (foreground) Admiral E.J. King, General Marshall, Lt. General Arnold. Right of the conference table (foreground) Field Marshal John Dill, Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, General Sir Alan Brooke, Admiral Sir Dudley Pound, and Lord Louis Mountbatten Office of War Information Photograph.