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So true. As a child I wasn't all that interested while my mother tried to teach me knitting and crocheting. it took years for my creative side to come back. My creative side is different from my Mom's… but we both can do ANYthing we put our minds to xo

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Saying "Namaste" instead of good bye does not mean someone is closer to enlightenment than anyone else. And if you think it (or anything else, for that matter) does, you're missing the point entirely. Don't buy into the "Spiritual Bullshit!

My husband has been reported many a time saying, "There's NOTHiNG you guys won't talk about is there?" To which we reply, "No. Why WOULDN'T we talk about periods and then food and then some hot guy that no one can talk to in real life and then Disney?"


Something everyone needs to remember. Society today loves conformity. They advertise it. Rise above! You were created for so much more!