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Hosta, ferns, tulips, 1/6th of the reclaimed German iris (today from a construction site that was about to weed-whack them!) - based upon what I salvaged I am pretty sure about a $200 savings was realised!

Salvaged rose bush from my sister in law 10 May 2014 (2nd summer in new home, after violent trim back last fall)

Rose bush in, roots hidden under existing bee balm (that was lifted and put back over the top of the roots), Bluebells transplanted, a new day lily came along for the ride with the rose bush. Now for the water!

Overhead view - bee balm, rose bush (getting ready for second blooming) cone flower, lilies, globe thistle, liatrus, daisies....

View from the back of the garden toward the new rose bush and the rock pile (yet to be planted).

adjacent to the area I just transplanted and 'remediated' - Butterfly bush, globe thistle, Black Eyed Susans, Cone flower, lilies, licorice, yarrow, baptista 6 August 2014

Did a little transplanting into the new entrance bed this morning - break in the rain - this is going to be gorgeous and welcoming!