How can you build a a bright future for your institution, future students, and the lives of alumni, their communities, and society at large?

What is institutional Advancement and what does it mean to build lasting alumni relations?

Building relationships with your students ensures alumni communities of the future. Alumni relations are crucial to the sustainability of institutions.

Who is eligible to be an alumnus? Alumni relations ought to be fully integrated into the institutional Advancement programme.

A case for support is an excellent tool for you to use to attract resource. It profiles your work while allowing it to enage with what is taking place in the external environment.

Building relationships is more than just building the numbers: it is about inspiring a following.

We need to be able to progress from interest, to empathy, from empathy to action: "people buy into people". - Helen White

To be successful, your organisation needs to build relationships with people who are respected and who play a role in different sectors in the outside world. Some of these stakeholders may already be part of your networks – people with similar interests or concerns who you stay in touch with to give each other support or advice.

What you should be aiming for in building relationships is a long-term partnership based on shared values.

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