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S10E11 "The Art of Warcraft": Close up of Rob's senior shaman Tauren.The Art of Warcraft": Despite so many of his pieces breaking, tearing, and generally refusing to cooperate, Rob lands in Top Looks! The Face Off judges loved Rob's sculpture & overall chocies.

Damien's tawne owl/coatimundi hybrid. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins from Face Off S7E5: Animal Attraction

S7E13 Spotlight Challenge: "Beautiful Disaster" - close up of Dina's Flood-themed fairy.

Spotlight Challenge: Going For Gold | Gallery | Face Off | Syfy Close up of Laura's witch

Textile Sculptures Created From Dozens of Multicolored Orbs by Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

(Close-Up) Tyler, #FaceOff Season 6 - Dragon's Breath. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Handcrafted Soapstone 'Night Hunter' Sculpture (India)

S10E11 "The Art of Warcraft" - Close up of Walter's death knight Draenei. Walter's Draenei is a stunning creation, even outside the context of World of Warcraft. Look at the dark wisdom in those eyes, the exquisite detailing of that face!