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from Naturally Ella

Rosemary Potato Egg Bake

Food Photography :: Post in partnership with Frontier Co-op. See below for more details. When it comes to holidays, I’ve always appreciated that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday. We usually get a four day weekend where we can just lounge around. As a result, it’s my favorite part of the holiday. Usually, we have a leisurely breakfast on [...] The post Rosemary Potato Egg Bake appeared first on Naturally Ella.

Cooking vegetables can often be hit or miss, especially since each vegetable has its own requirements for the perfect cooking time. It's always a bit of a feat when you bite into a piece of asparagus and it's not too crunchy, not too soft, and has the perfect texture. Take a look at the infographic below to learn how long you should cook your favorite vegetables, whether you are boiling, steaming or sticking them in the microwave. #Food2Live #infographic

from earthyandy

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Vegan Ice Cream

When ya just want to swirl your tongue around something sweet and creamy .. think Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Vegan Ice Cream! How can this possibly be dairy and gluten free? Easy! Its just a matter of using really tasty wholesome ingredients! The key flavors are going to come from the peanut butter you choose and the cookie dough you make! And hey if you don't want to make vegan cookie dough, you can purchase it at whole foods ! Buuut homemade is always better and most always bette...

Ingredients for Making Perfect Vegetable Stock... We always keep a "stock bag" in the freezer for making broth from trimmings. Just don't use peels of non-organic produce like onions, carrots & potatoes or you get pesticide broth. Ick.

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red wine and garlic mushrooms

Red Wine and Garlic Mushrooms - These mushroom embody that garlicky flare that is common in Spanish food, but they won’t make you break a sweat in the kitchen (and that is always a plus in my book).

from One Green Planet

The Healthiest Egg Substitutions for Holiday Baking

Egg it's pretty healthy for a diet, but it's always good to have a substitute in case you run out of it ! :)