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Troubles are inevitable. Your response isn't. Emotions like fear, embarrassment, and disappointment are uncomfortable, but they won't kill you. I can handle feeling uncomfortable. Be willing to face them head on and you'll gain confidence in your ability to cope with discomfort.

Why do men sexually assault women? Sexual violence against women manifests, rather than violates, society’s norms

❤️ Knocked down when you had to sign off on your plans and resigned to pillow talk when you could not do the one thing you used to do happily-the stares Chelsi's audacity to ask.. Then when Sharllotte happened decided to pursue but it was difficult. The attempts were just barking at the wrong tree and the sad thing is when you start believing the things you thought others must be talking about you. Did not know how to until I read “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive…

- C. Assaad I would add that you must work out the negative and bad. Always learning and striving to do better, to be better. The best possible you is there, God created it in you. Let Him work in your life and He will bring out that best you.