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autistic!jack is Real

autistic!jack is Real

hahahahahaha. until a week ago I never would have felt about this statement the way I do now! LOL. Much thanks to all of those who were part of my first nerf war! ;)

Nice to have bonfires on warm evenings.....till the mosquitoes carry you away!!!! Solution: plug in an oscilating fan put behind the crowd (facing the fire). The air will keep the bugs off you. Plus on a hot sticky night, it feels great.

34 Times Tumblr Taught You Everything You Need To Know About Bisexuality

Sometimes a cosplay blows you out of the water - it's perfect. Other times... you want to claw your eyes out. I've taken

"She fills her drawing book with line Sewing lace on widows' weeds And filigree on leaf and vine Vine and leaf are filigree And her coat's a secondhand one Trimmed with antique luxury She is a lady of the canyon" -Joni Mitchell