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Something About This Split Seems Fishy

Poor Rabbit #funnypictures

This is an old joke . "A bear and a rabbit were taking a dump in the woods. The bear asked the rabbit, "Does shit ever stick to your fur?" the rabbit replied "All the time!" So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.


fish out of water.my son filled the bowl with warm water, but the fish was smart enough to jump out.fishy lived for several more years!

Dog yoga

Doggy Yoga Teacher Trainer Bodhi Sattva just graduated his first pack of Yoga Teachers.

Pokémon Are Too Cute!

Pokémon Are Too Cute!

▶ Too Cute: Pokémon bulbasaur, squirtle, charmander I can't stop laughing!

People who say ‘literally’…

ANNOYING: People who use "literally" incorrectly . I literally laughed when I read this