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Poles & Cups - Flyinhi Show Jumps Gold Coast

She Likes To Jump Like A Horse - OMG! I'd kill myself trying to jump those the normal way, and this little she-beast does it on ALL-FOURS!!! I'm utterly amazed.

Keep calm and love horses #hose #horses #horselover

low, wide oxers are a good exercise to teach your horse to stretch over the jumps. Having only one stride between each is a good exercise to teach rider to keep their horse collected so that they can get their horse to the right distance in order to be able clear the width of the oxer successfully. #schoolingsecrets

Barrel Jumps - accuracy and straightness. A classic exercise.

Canadian Courtney Vince and Valetto JX jumping 2m17 (approx. 7-foot-2). AMAZING!

This is beautifulllllll by Raphael Macek - Horse Photography, via Flickr

A position I often find myself in, when Romeo decides to turn around and go the other way! :D #quotes #horse

Power, grace, beauty. Dances with the Stars by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

from Horse Collaborative

4 Jump Exercises to Keep You Inspired This Winter

jump exercises for limited poles