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Importance of #Parking_lot_line_striping for Business

American Facility Services - AFS provides Florida's commercial parking facilities, such as those found in shopping centers, apartment complexes, theme parks, and industrial parks with a competitively priced sweeping service. While other ‪#‎sweeping‬ contractors may tack on additional fees after their initial quote, ‪#‎AFS‬ makes certain to listen to their clients' needs and to provide an accurate, complete quote from day one.

AFS specializes in power sweeping for the following commercial properties: • Retail Shopping Centers • Corporate Commercial Properties • Corporate Campuses • Industrial Business Parks • Hospitals & Medical Centers • Malls • Parking Decks & Structures • Convention Centers • Stadiums • Religious Centers • Government Buildings & Schools

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Sweeping services are an important part of a facilities maintenance plan in that they remove debris from your parking lot. Hiring a sweeping service can eliminate the need to hire additional staff and ensure your parking lot is kept clean and in good repair.

We provide our professional parking lot power sweeping services for: Commercial Properties, Retail Stores, Malls, Office Parks, Industrial Parks, Hotels, Construction Companies, Apartment Complexes, Condo Associations, Homeowner Associations, Parking Garages and Private Parking lots, Hospitality Industries, Lifestyle Centers, Theme Parks and Attractions, Developers, and other Business Properties. #ParkingLotSweeping

Commercial sweeping services can improve your business. It's that simple. Studies have shown that the cleanliness of a parking area ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop and conduct business. To ensure your facility gives the right first impression, sand, dirt and other trash should be removed by a professional company. Not only do these foreign objects shorten the life of pavement, as well as the service time of any seal coating, striping, etc, sweeping your parking area.

Sand, rock and debris act as an abrasive. Removing them regularly assists in preventing pot holes, cracking, and striping erosion. Resurfacing costs are tremendous! By sweeping outside of office and other buildings, inside floor maintenance can also be reduced through the removal of the street-based abrasive material.