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NBC Lauches Radius On-Demand Fitness - Finding the motivation to exercise in cold weather is a challenge. Throw in a wintry mix and forget it. But what if you didn’t even have to leave the house?

We know we should be exercising, right. We also know that life is busy and we can always find a million and one excuses not to exercise. Exercise and being active are critical to our physical and mental health and with smart fitness it's easier to make active living a lifestyle. An active lifestyle is going to get you to your most vibrant, energetic and healthy self. Pin it now and read it later. Click through to get the tips and let's get moving. Jill Conyers | Fitness Health & Happiness

I only recognize two of the songs on this list. Does this mean a.) I'm getting old b.) I am the mother of a young child, so I am experiencing a temporary gap in pop culture knowledge c.) I don't work out enough d.) All of the above

Elite CrossFit athlete Jason Khalipa has a surprisingly simple approach to fitness: Get after it, hit it hard, repeat. Check out his inspiring, actionable tips for getting in shape, along with the fast and effective bodyweight workout he swears by.

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