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Coral zoanthids – Photosynthetic Gorgs. They grow quite fast. Started from about 2" frags and now they are 6-7" with multiple branches

Nassarius Snail

Nassarius Snail, eats food that falls to the bottom and debri, burrows in gravel, reef safe

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Brittle Sea Star, Fancy (Ophiure protoreaster) - This looks like the guy who hitchhiked along with the live rock and ended up in our tank!

How to Choose Saltwater Fish That Will Get Along in Your Tank

This Saltwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility Chart will give you a good idea of which fish can be placed in a saltwater aquarium and be expected to get along, or not. Since you are arranging "nature" in your aquarium, you must determine which fish will be compatible with its tank mates. As with many things in life, there will always be rebels which will not get along with anything. The Saltwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility Chart will help you do this.