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Beliefs may be equally valid in that they are consciously held by sincere…

#philosophy #devotional #PHILOSOPHY The #Irony of #Intolerance By Greg Koukl president of Stand to Reason. With masters degrees in philosophy of religion and ethics as well as Christian apologetics Koukl is adjunct professor of Christian apologetics at Biola University host of a radio talk show and author of Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions; In todays world one word is invoked as the No. 1 rule of civil behavior and conversation: tolerance. And…

So often today we hear the comment that all religions are ultimately the same. This is an expression of pluralism but is the expression true. Are all religions the same? Do all religions lead to the same place? Are they equally valid? Once examined it becomes clear that this idea is simply false. Not all religions lead to the same place. They can't!

"All Sins are Equal in God's Sight" . . . And Other Stupid Statements - Parchment and Pen//This article, found when I was literally looking for a metaphor I found a while ago, and had just taught my friend, that taught the standard answer, has just now completely changed my opinion on this subject. All sin will make you unworthy, but I now believe that some things are worse than others.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - Can Man Live Without God? podcast "Do not cut off a person's nose if you plan to give him a rose to smell" Indian proverb

Charles Finney is NOT a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Interpulpit. I have never understood the need to hold to one doctrine at the expense of another equally valid one. Is it not true that usually the answer is moderately in the middle? So it is with Finney and his supposed 'heresy'. Nothing more than out of context quotes and an over emphasis on either free will or sovereignty which each overlooks the truth of the other.

Cosplay Tutorial Website. Has some really great resources.

Beat Struelli I find his work unique because he uses long lenses in street photography despite the idea that in this genre on wide angle lenses produce authentic street photography. I think his work is equally as valid in commenting on the human condition.

All men are obviously not all perverts, but ALL DECENT MEN need to stand up against sexual violence and rhetoric like Trump displays.