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Rethinking syntax for the upper grades in speech-language therapy - how to target coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to help your students learn how to make compound and complex sentences.

An easy way to do language sample analysis including a FREEBIE checklist! Perfect for speech and language therapy evaluations. From Speechy Musings.

Practicing Speech and Language skills while reading. Post for parents! Great way to practice speech and language skills over the summer!

These language activities are perfect for learning while keeping little hands busy! Your students use the notebook ideas to build a project they are proud of.

Quick Artic ($0.00) Quick Artic is a free IPhone application for Speech Language Pathologists which contains 566 images tagged with titles and categorized by “phonemes”. This easy to use application features a scoring utility which keeps track of the correct and incorrect answers. Quick Artic automatically calculates the score.The application includes ten most common phonemes in all positions of words. It can be used in therapy or for quick articulation screening.