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A lovely Sunday with friends : @burtsbrisplease #myFLOR #repost [Shop Swing Beat style, link in bio]

I know you hate cats like me REMEMBER maverick I was selected from my region to come to training/award I did get sick & u put me down w/your pin AND suddenly I thought about my exhusband how he would beat the crap out of me but the next day he would send

the starkness of color in the dry, white heat of the southwest lends an ethereal quality to the rustic, modern lines and textures South / West. @thecoveteur

Browse photos of floor to ceiling windows in real homes that take up kitchen, living room, and bedroom walls. Discover floor to ceiling walls that fill homes with natural light.

We bring you some brand new ideas for your kitchen designs. This is a special place, where all the family comes together, so let's give it a twist.

"Calmly Awesome" and totally fearless is how to describe the living room by @alisondamonte on #rue daily today. Check it out 👉 / 📷: @brucedamonte