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I truly LOLed. never thought about T-Rex's limitations... and how a little "tool" could make it unstoppable. Good lesson.

It's hard out here for a T-Rex

T. Rex Really Ruled at Biting

The T-Rex guide

The T-Rex guide

'; There is no love without fear of love. ??? Fran??oise Sagan, French novelist '; DIY, tuto comment fabriquer, cr??e...

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If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your.... Sad T-Rex Shirt

A Dejected T-Rex Gets Its Spirit Back in a Commercial for Audi Piloted Driving

A dejected T-rex got its spirit back in a commercial for Audi Piloted Driving titled “The Comeback.” The once-great beast narrates the commercial as it deals with being the butt of…

I don't know why these T-Rex pictures make me laugh so much. But they do. ;-)