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They are everywhere. Always trying to herd.

How to Stop a Herding Dog from Nipping - Stop Rounding up People and Pets! | DoggieDemeanor.com

This guide contains Shetland sheepdog breed information and photos. Known for their skilled livestock herding, these dogs are very smart and make great family pets.

An ideal family pet, the Norwegian Buhund is a happy, affectionate and active herding dog who loves children.

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As the name implies, herding dogs have a strong natural instinct to herd livestock, a task for which they were originally bred. Unfortunately, there probably aren't any sheep in your backyard for Shep to gather, leading to behavioral issues in your hardworking, active pup. Prevent your pooch from herding your favorite shoes, children or other pets by engaging him in games that play to his natural herding instinct.

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