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News > Earth > Seismic mystery: What’s causing the ground to rumble in Italy? Caption: Scientists finger origins of mysterious rumblings, Image: ALESSANDRO AMATO WITH GOOGLE EARTH

News > Space > Comet dust found in Antarctica - Researchers unearth relatively large amount of material trapped in ice and snow - Credit: TAKAAKI NOGUCHI - Caption: A single particle of comet dust collected from Antarctic ice, as seen through an electron microscope.

Weird Asteroid has Identity Crisis, Grows a Tail : Discovery News - Caption: The faint tail of active asteroid 62412. IMAGE COURTESY OF SCOTT SHEPPARD

A new study headed by a research group from Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University in Denmark has found new molecular sub-groups in early stages of bladder cancer. This improves the understanding of why some tumours develop aggressively and this discovery may lead to optimized treatment.