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    3. Remember you don’t have a car, so you’ll need to think wayyyyyy ahead. (i.e. prepare for afternoon/evening storms) My life in & OUT of NYC. Yay for never having a drivers license....Ever :( | 7 Important Rules For Umbrella Owners In NYC

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    The 25 Most Incredible Photographs Of New York City

    And all that jazz. Really anything goes. On Avenue Q. When you're defying gravity. It's just I have a heart full of love. But I'm only on my own. Still something next to normal would be okay. There are seasons of love. Just let me be legally blonde. ;)

    Imagine that wehn you enter new york(or your home town) it literally does put a spell on you, what happens? tell the story either through the eyes of those affected by the spell, or the spell caster.

    Actually, the constitutional convention line is the only thing on the entire sound track that bothers me. The only thing. I hate the way Lin says it.

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