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Jim Morrison Quotes

This could be a biographical quote of my life .Jim Morrison was a Sagittarius also .

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If you have problems and are hiding them, Speak up! There may be those who don't care. Or don't care to listen. But I can honestly say. That if u have a problem, I Will listen. I will care. And I Promise to help you find a way to fix it.


This will be tattooed on me "Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws.

Jim Morrison Quotes

I don't fear death. I've died many Saturdays only to find myself breathe again on Mondays. So no I don't fear death. I fear the the days ahead where my breath comes back, and I can feel again.

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i go through stages of being depressed and my anxiety gets wrorse and better but i always want to die