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Mullins: All right. Let's hit the road. Ashburn: I gotta change. Mullins: What's the with your pant suit? Ashburn: It's pajamas. Mullins: Well excuse the s* out of me. I didn't realize you slept in a f'ing tux. Go ahead. Get your top hat.

Aaaaaannndd tonight's prize goes to the Vegan! What is the prize for this person? Oh, it's a free trip to an all you can eat bbq? Do we have a second option? A pizza place? Eh screw it.

from BuzzFeed

What You Think You Look Like Vs. What You Actually Look Like

omg i almost peed my pants laughing lol .. who can be obsessed to tanning? i mean pauly d is but thats a different situation. ahaha lol Situation get it?