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Just about peed my pants laughing when I read this. I read story #5 aloud to my family while we were on vacation...the sound of our laughter awoke the other passengers on the ship. It's that ridiculous. I credit this book with helping me realize humor is so needed in this world...and it is a gift! Here's to laughter...the very best medicine!

Funniest book EVER!!! I cant even tell you how many times I almost peed my pants or hyperventilated from laughing so hard. Hubby didn't help though, he kept laughing saying "Oh Amy...This woman is you. To a "T" "

omg i almost peed my pants laughing lol .. who can be obsessed to tanning? i mean pauly d is but thats a different situation. ahaha lol Situation get it?

When you’re trying to be gourmet AF in your dorm kitchen, but even ramen is outside your budget: | 23 Terrifying Moments That Will Make College Students Go "Shit!"

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