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1917. This type of child's outfit was very popular in the early 20th century. At that time, every young lad of a certain social standing had to have one something like it. Although boys had previously worn long dresses, they were now wearing short pants known as knickers, which were easier to wear when learning to walk. White was particularly prized as a colour; it signified the purity of the soul.

Suit, JB Johnstone, c. 1894. Morning suits, such as this one, were originally adopted by men in the early-19th century for wear during the morning hours when they would go riding. It gained popularity near the end of the century for morning and daytime business activities in addition to riding, supplanting the frock coat which had been relegated to that position since the teens.

early 1900s black and white photo of a cute little boy in a U.S. Navy sailor outfit. ... can this little boy be any cuter?!? vintage childrens sailor suit and hat with spiffy white dress shoes. vintage, turn of the century, early 1900s, early 20th century, antique photography.