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My Dad's a Hero

My Dad's a Hero by Amazon,

This book, through the eyes of a child, teaches young military children the whole process, from start to finish, what happens when their daddy is sent to a foreign land with the Armed Forces. My Daddy is a Hero explains the reason the father is going to war, situations that he encounters, the cultural differences between the people in the Middle East and Americans, and his safe return home. Enjoy the book and please support our troops. Ages 4-8

I'm a Hero, Too: Read this book to emphasize to the kids at your FRG meeting that they are heroes, too! Although the uniform on the front cover is specific to the Marines, the story itself is generic enough to apply to all branches of service. #FRG

Hug a Hero Doll - realy wanted these for the kids, but never got a good shot of Daddy before he left. :(

I MISS MY DADDY!! A story I wrote for my daughter when her daddy deploys again to Iraq. How to help your little ones cope with missing their daddy. Guide and helpful hints in the back of the story for parents. Good for children with divorced dads, military dads or dads that just have to work away from home a lot.

HUGS FOR DADDY - Hannah’s dad has an important job--he’s in the military. When her dad has to go away, Hannah is very sad. She and her mom gather things to send to her dad. What Hannah misses most are her dad’s bedtime hugs. How will she find a way to send some hugs to her dad? Level K (Grade 2)

WHERE DO THE TEARS GO? When Daddy (or Mommy) goes off to war, little ones experience sadness, fear of the unknown, and an empty place in their young hearts while they wait for their loved one to return. The tears can only fall like willow tendrils down their cheeks as they try to adapt to their new reality. But what happens to those special tears? Something quite magical occurs when they are shed for our brave heroes across the sea... Ages 5+