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Armenians gather on May 28 to celebrate Independence Day at the Bash Aparan memorial where General Dro Kanayan directed Armenia’s defense forces. (Joe Dagdigian Photo)

Armenian veterans of the Nagorno-Karabakh War marching through Yerevan's Republic Square in the 2011 Armenian Independence Day Parade.

Old Covered Market, "Pag Shuga" These are the photos of one of the Local CLosed Market "Pag Shuga" in Yerevan. Unfortunately this specific market is now under major renovation, the developer will turn it into a modern "mall" style market, Its a petty!

The festivity of Trndez. A festivity to worship sun/fire in ancient pre-Christian Armenia. The festivity symbolizes spring and fertility. Newly-weds jump over the fire,

The Turkish Museum of Architecture has recently opened an online exhibition of structures in modern Turkey created by Armenian architects during the Ottoman era. The website describes the Armenian contribution to architectural development of Istanbul.

Traditionally Armenians make a bonfire, go round it and jump over the fire on the evening of February 13 or early on February 14 when the Armenian Church celebrates the Candlemas Day, or Tiarn’ndaraj (Trndez), which is one of the most beloved holidays among newly-weds.

It's not unusal for tourists to break out in dance, due to feeling overwelmed with the emotions of being in Armenia :)