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Our goal is simple. To encourage people worldwide to practice love through small acts of kindness...

#quotes #wisewords Self hate. Self attacks. Depression. Self compassion. One good exercise to do during an attack, or at anytime, is to softly and deeply breath in compassion and kindness. This often brings tears which is good. It's like ice melting which softens the harshness. Underneath the ice is an innocent and happy human being that have just experienced many difficult times.

CONT ..get to enjoy some parts many don't know of but also areas they don't get as much an idea of direction, the broken glass like look gives them a hint when listening to music without insisting one way of looking at music

my new blogging mission statement {hint: the previous one was a lie

my new blogging mission statement {hint: the previous one was a lie} ~

Once in your life

Hope to have this some day What I have experienced is nothing like this.... Never realized just how sad I have been and this brings a challenge to find this person and bring them into my life and keep them close and when I find him I won't ever let go