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Lettering with watercolor (?) or wet media, with transparency within strokes.

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The Asian calligraphy's brush must be held vertically, inclining neither sideways nor toward one self. To achieve best ergonomics, keep the inside of palm round as if holding a small egg. Keep fingers firm, using fingertips instead of knuckles to hold the brush. Keep the wrist supple, firm, and soft. Level wrist to a more natural and horizontal angle, avoiding strained angles. The technique is called round stroke or upright stroke.

writing chinese calligraphy - brush holding is very important as is with the art of acupuncture

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Different Strokes for Different Folks Logo. Christopher Paul >> Wonderful design, simple and to the point, really lovely.

letter a

Creative Typography & Design by Michal Sycz This is just awesome because of how the letter was made in an expressive and beautiful way, but it maintains legibility and the color isn't overwhelming.

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