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SO COOL! Have a child who has endured serial casting or another procedure requiring casting (or an injury)? Look at these amazing cast tattoos!

Got a child with sensory sensitivity? Check out Lynne’s helpful therapy techniques to help calm and focus your child!

Make A Face Magnet Set

Make A Face Magnet Set ($13.95) over 47 magnet face pieces plus overlay sheets on a 9 x 12" double-sided magnetic playboard. Ideas from company..."The child is able to make choices using a switch. You can present several choices of noses, eyes, etc and the child can identify which he would like. You can talk about body parts and label parts of the face. You can have the child identify and point to parts as you name them..."

Using an inner tube and a therapy ball in combination to work on dynamic balance. This encourages the child to separate upper and lower limb movement when they are encouraged to throw and catch at the same time.

When IEP is Not Being Followed

Do you know if your child's IEP is being followed? Do you know what to do when it is not? Have you already discussed this at an IEP meeting? Learn what options you have as a special needs parent.

creating a vision statement for your child's IEP~free printable workbook

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible." Developing a Vision Statement for a child with an IEP is done so that the IEP team is aware of your vision and on the same page. Includes free workbook.

20 Ways to Raise a Child with Special Needs

20 Ways to Raise a Child with Special Needs *Teach them Independence... Always be their advocate...Help them to believe they have something to say...(View only)

No More Tears at IEP meetings

Want to get out of the cycle of being upset and crying at your child's IEP meetings? Then join us on this year long journey to take control of the situation, get our kids' needs served...and no more tears at IEP meetings!