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We made a big decision. After much research we have come to see that removing all the windows putting in metal siding and non leaky windows is the way for us to go. Feeling Very excited about this decision. I know that I want a home that feels cozy and dry so I'm making the big leap into RV or other windows for our conversion. Here goes! 26 windows to remove! #magicbuslife #tinyhouse #margaritthebus #skoolielife #schoolbusconversion #skoolie by magicbuslife

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Tumbleweed Construction Video

Tiny house with french doors. perfect for a kids play house or to put in a secret garden. hint hint If you like please follow us!

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Tiny House Tour: Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

There are tiny houses for every style, for every mood … but I am a big fan of the rustic log cabin look. Maybe it is because that style of architecture immediately puts me in mind of a cozy retreat in the woods or the mountains somewhere, far from civilization—just you, your loved ones, and the comforts that make up your private world.

Tiny Glamping Cabin | Tiny House Pins Glamping? It means “glamorous camping” in case you didn't know.