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Could not have said it better myself!! Then when you finally wake up & realize you don't have to fight anymore cause it's finally over......whoa..what a huge weight has be lifted off!!! Oh but let's not for get that's when the childish name calling & pointing fingers starts...LMAO.....grow up!

I wonder if it's hard to let go because I don't know who i'm letting go of. I don't know where the truth ends and the facade begins...but I do know there's only one soul to let go of. Yes, that's my prayer, help me to release him from my heart Father. Whoever he is. You know who he is.

Abusive Relationships Quote: One thing I have come to know, ALL adult relationships are voluntary-at all times. If a relationship is not voluntary, then it ceases to become a relationship and becomes a hostage crisis. The price of your captivity is your very soul. Guard it well. -- Larry Tolson

Doesn't matter if you were the one to initiate the break up or not. It doesn't matter if it was a long time coming or abrupt... This is so true. When you get used to something and suddenly it's not longer there.. That's the hardest part.