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"You have really buff arms. Are you lifting?" "No just yoga." "Wow yoga arms. Impressive. Where do you practice?" "I practice mostly at home, I do Ashtanga Yoga." "Oh that's the yoga for 13 year old boys. Or at least that what all the teachers at the studio I go to say." That was my conversation from this morning. Ok I get it if you don't connect with or like Ashtanga Yoga but why go around spread stuff with the intention of putting another style of yoga down. If she had read it on the…

crossfitters: Sarabeth Phillips Finally got my press handstand back!! Yayyyy! I haven’t done this since I was about 13 years old and it to...

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Yoga Poses for Anxiety Relief (with pictures)

Restorative Pose: Eliminate stress and headaches by resting in this position for five minutes. This passive posture also allows you to build leg muscles. I suggest not closing your eyes - instead, try a waking meditation moment with eyes slightly open.

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Your 20-Minute Sunday Yoga Sequence — With a Soundtrack!

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Wanna Do a Handstand? 8 Moves to Get You There