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The Bull represents the Alien Annunaki/Sumerian Bloodline suppressing Humanity to keep them a Slave Race, with Ropes below further securing us in Bondage, ca 3300-3100 BC. Late Naqada period. Schist. Louvre

The #Anunnaki were the gods of the ancient Mesopotamians, most notably the Sumarians. This culture referred to them as less the supernatural gods and more as space travellers. The Sumerians even had knowledge of our solar system and claimed the Anunnaki came from a specific planet named #Nibiru. These are people just leaving the stone age and coming into the bronze age.

Many people ask if the “Anunnaki” were actually “Grey Aliens”, and if not, what is the difference between the races. Many UFO and ...

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100 Days of Flash Fiction Prompts

Writing flash fiction is a terribly satisfying way to spend an hour or two. For your fleet-fingered effusions, I’ve collated all my Twitter flash fiction prompts into a handy ebook. You will find two sizes of the ebook for download, both with ample room for notes. Download as an A4 PDF file: Flash Fiction Prompts Ebook Download as…

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