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The FP 3000 Barrel Crusher from HSM is an amazing Warehouse Management Solution. With a pressing power of 27.5 tons, the barrel's end result more resembles a stackable Frisbee and not the 55 gallon steel drum it once was. Able to crush up to 50 barrels an hour, this machine is as functional as it is powerful. It’s safe, too! The crusher is completely enclosed leaving only a small inspection window to see the action up close. Take a look inside and see how it works:

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How to Make Thousands of Dollars on YouTube (Maybe Even From Your Cat Videos)

Our own Lucian Vâlsan has gotten tired of those who keep on insisting that all of us should just passively take whatever toss is being thrown at us by feminists and Social Justice Worriers (sic!). …

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Making of Patria Restaurant Cross Stitch Art Installation

The Making of Cross-Stitch Installation at Patria Restaurant ~ It took only 485 hours to make. Oy veh!

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