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Benjamin Von Wong -- is the embodiment of the new breed of creative. -- A self-taught photographer who prefers to call himself a "creator," Benjamin is open to all forms of expression — often working in video or any other medium required to do the job. He crowd-sources everything from crew to gear, bringing together professionals, friends, and fans alike to help him realize his ideas.

Elizabeth 'Lee' Miller, Lady Penrose (April 23, 1907 – July 21, 1977) was an American photographer. Born in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1907, she was a successful fashion model in New York City in the 1920s before going to Paris where she became an established fashion and fine art photographer. During the Second World War, she became an acclaimed war correspondent for Vogue covering events such as the London Blitz, the liberation of Paris, and the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau.

The Revolutionary—a documentary that has begun showing on university campuses and at cultural centers, looks at the life of Sidney Rittenberg, a 90-year-old man who has had an extraordinary variety of experiences. Born into a well-to-do South Carolina family in 1921, he became a labor organizer while in college, began to study Chinese during a stint in the army,traveled to China soon after World War II — and didn’t come back to the United States for 35 years. During his long sojourn in…

Lahore's Last 'Lollywood' Poster Artist Looks Back on a 50-Year-Career— Sarfraz Iqbal, a Lollywood poster artist, whose work spans decades, is still drawing.“My interest in my art has never diminished. The day I stop working, that’s the end of me,” he says, half-joking, half-serious. The love of art came from Iqbal’s father, S. Khan, a very well-known and well-respected poster artist in Bombay, India, at the time. “My talent is inherited from my father.." #goodmovies #film #pakistan

What Your LinkedIn Photo Says About You

You may think you did a flawless job zooming and cropping, but it’s still obvious that you’re standing in a bar with your friends (and you’ve probably had a few cocktails). Is that the first