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Fan, about 1820, Italy. Double skin leaf. Obverse: three vignettes, Mount Vesevius erupting center, musicians playing to virgin left, family by shore right; green background with scrollwork surrounds. Reverse: three vignettes, Bay of Naples center, family cooking and eating pasta left, musicians and dancers right; orange background with green scrolling vines surrounds - in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Ballooning scenes depicted on a fan made with light tortoiseshell carved sticks. The three painted panels illustrate: 'Ascension de Blanchard a Paris, 1784'; 'Experiences de M. M. Charles et Robert, 1783'; 'Ascension des Freres Robert 27 aout, 1783.'

Fan "Rape of the Sabine Women", 18th century. (I have a fan collection but nothing like these!)