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from Etsy

Beware Airship Pirates Steampunk Art Poster Print Wall Decor

I have a slight obsession going on right now of all things Steampunk. Okay... I've had this obsession for years now. I keep listening to 'Airship Pirate' by Abney Park. It just... somehow pops up on Pandora all the time. >.> It's an crazy creative universe for those of us not quite fantasy... not quite science fiction. This poster is simple and awesome. I would love to have it... 4/24/2012 ~Ann~

from Etsy

Beware Alive Industrial Machinery Steampunk Art Print Wall Poster Dieselpunk Robot

from Arsenic in the shell

Steam and Smoke by sherrae78

*editted* OMG THANK YOU FOR THE DD!!! *screams and runs in a circle* really, it was very unexpected of my art getting such an honor thank you all ♥ *hugs* It was fun painting the city though ...

from Etsy

Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol

Steampunk TESLA gun Victorian scifi pistol----even cooler than the ones carried by Warehouse agents!!

SteamPunk giraffe! by Andrew Chase (6' h, 80hrs, mechanical, moving parts, uses transmission parts / plumbing pipe / electrical conduit)