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Found Chatty Cat in the laser machine this morning. Apparently she has moved beyond laser pointers! #lasercats

Mohop Styling Card! These interchangeable flats are Vegan, Eco-Friendly and come with 5 set of interchangeable ribbons. Super comfy too!

We're obsessed with this cat that joined our family last month. Some a-hole dumped her near my parents' house in the country, then the clever kitten befriended our feline-averse dog when we visited. We couldn't break up the new bff's and brought her back to Chicago. So sorry, our Insta feed will now be 20% cat, 75% shoes, and 5% beer. #tripodcat #shoes #beer #blackcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #kittylove

Annie Mohaupt, CEO and founder of Mohop, designs shoes characterized by their “interchangeability,” use of sustainable materials and lack of animal products.

It's been two weeks since her crushed leg was removed, and our tripod cat is healing well! She's such a trooper and has the cutest bouncy run #tripodcat #3leggedcat #chatnoir #blackcatsofinstagram