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May 20 Route 66: Day Four

4/14 days of Route 66. Gilbert, AZ to Holbrook, AZ #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

I'm so excited to share this guide with you! If you're thinking about driving Route 66 then look through this guide that includes: trip cost breakdown, an editable Google document with all the stops, an interactive map + more. Have fun! | Maddily #roadtrip

May 19 Route 66: Day Three

3/14 days of Route 66. Grand Canyon to Gilbert, AZ #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

May 26 Route 66: Day Seven

7/14 days of Route 66. Albuquerque, NM to Oklahoma City, OK — halfway there! #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

Jun 6 Route 66: Day Ten

10/14 days of Route 66. Kansas City, MO to St. Louis, MO with sunflower fields and more — #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

Jun 9 Route 66: Final Days in Chicago

The places we visited in Chicago at the end of our Route 66 trip — #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

Jun 7 Route 66: Day Eleven

11/14 days of Route 66. FINAL DRIVING DAY to Chicago! — #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

Jun 3 Route 66: Day Nine

Yay for one whole day where we stayed in one city! We slept in, and then we got going. We didn't really have an itinerary, except to spend time with Whitney. But this is what we collectively decided/did: * River Market Antiques * Liberty Memorial * Star Wall * The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art * Char Bar * Uptown Theater Approximate expenses: $40 * Food: $10 * Experiences: $30 Ratatat Concert See below for all the deets, snap video, and photos...

Jun 2 Route 66: Day Eight

8/14 days of Route 66. Oklahoma City, OK to Kansas City, MO — #route66 #roadtrip | maddily

May 24 Route 66: Day Six

Day Six was the first day I got to stay in one place and really explore it. I had heard good things about Albuquerque and just thought it was a solid rest point almost a week into the trip. Krystal and I barely saw even the most touristy things Albuquerque has to offer in this one day, but the things we did see were fun and interesting, including: * Old Town (which also has tours if you're interested} * Dog House for lunch (recommended by Nancy & John) * Rattlesnake…