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Filled with faith, lungs shaped like butterfly wings...move forward, pursue your passion, leaving behind all things that would bind and keep you tied down.

Like a butterfly, I am growing, and changing and finding my true colors in life. I am finding my wings, so I can fly, and soon be on my way.

Seath the Scaleless turned against his brethren out of envy, because he lacked the stone scales that granted them immortality. He began researching the scales, but went mad, and now is true undead. He is a sorcerer, and through magical means, Moonlight Butterflies are his creations.

You know when you really like someone and you see them, you get those butterflies in your stomach, but the good kind..the ones that make you think… OMG…OMG…OMG! http://relationshipservices.squarespace.com/about-me/

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