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Walk The Line Underwire Bra

Intimately Red Cinnamon Walk The Line Underwire Bra at Free People Clothing Boutique

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Ellen Degeneres – a lady crush (23 photos)

Well put Ellen, haha. Ellen is a great human being!! I love her!


And George Takei Whispers ‘Oh, My…’

*Tyler Oakley shakes hus head and clicks his tongue in disappointment * But seriously, I really do hate it when people use it in a sentence in a degrading was like that. There are so many other adjectives or words you could use, so why pick that one. You've got the whole English language, Bucko. I'm sure you can find another word out there in it and maybe make yourself look intelligent for once.

Ripley and Jones~My all time top movie, all time fave "strong female lead", top director...

This is great. I remember seeing this book in the store and trying to contain my laughter as I read the back.

I wore size zero when I was smaller but that's cuz everything else was too big. As it is, I'm still not very high above that, like, at all.


에킨 on

If I made a board for Ellen Degeneres' fanbase, what should I call it? And who who would want to join? Comment! :)

After the initial attraction dies down, there has to be the thing that engages you, and that is intelligence and humor.