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... ... these companies test on animals ... PURE Haven Essentials is NOT on this list because we do NOT ... never have, never will (AND we have the Leaping Bunny approval from PETA to prove it!!) ... for more information, 'like' PURE haven essentails by Annie B at

15 beauty brands to avoid if you ant to go eco-friendly

100+ Natural Homemade DIY Projects {Collection

Buy Non GMO. Fill half of plate w/organic f/v. CAN AFFORD W/MONEY LEFT OVER IF SHOP FARMERS MARKETS/LOCAL FARMER. connects you, keeps $$$ in community. Big corporate uses our $$$ to defeat GMO labeling. They don't deserve our $$$. More rewarding to support local family than feed rich stockholders. WARNING: Santa Cruz Juice owned by Smuckers & French Meadow Bakery Rich Products. Smuckers paid to defeat GMO Labeling. Rich makes GMO filled products.

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Check if a company is cruelty-free! Bunny Free lets you search for companies by name and tells you whether or not they test on animals.

Deb Chausky

Measurements Chart for all your homemade recipes. They seem expensive (quality YLEOs) but when you use a product by the drop instead of the spoonful it is really more economical. I've found one drop of a YLEO is worth 10 or more of a cheap brand. The cheap ones actually make me gag after years of the real stuff.