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Birth... the stories, the photos/ The Creative Mama/ Clair/ great links for birth photography/ featured photo by Hannah Mayo

he teaches me/ the creative mama/ a mother learns lessons in art and life as she watches her 4-year old son paint. (Hannah)

He May Not Remember, But I Will/ The Creative Mama/ Stephanie/ Incredibly touching story about how a mama's heart breaks when her child's heart breaks.

Say Yes, the creative mama oh the things a mom will be glad she didn't miss when she says "yes!" (Samantha)

creativity and motherhood/ the creative mama/ " I have found some small ways to help myself feel more inspired and remind me- even on the craziest days- of the creative being I am apart from all my other roles in life." (Hannah)

hearing his music once again/ the creative mama/ ADHD-medication helps one seven year old "enjoy the life he loves, the life he deserves." (Samantha)

Dear New NICU Mama/ The Creative Mama NICU series/ author Samantha Nelson, images by Jessica Strom/ "I imagine you’re reading this because you’ve just found yourself thrown into a whirlwind birth and you’re feeling a little alone. First, you need to know that you are not alone. There are many that have walked this road before you. If I could go back and tell myself some things, as well as impart to you the things I learned on my own journey, it would look a little something like this…"

Letters to My Daughter: What Makes You Beautiful?/ The Creative Mama/ Stephanie Beaty/ The art of writing a letter to a child, Letters to Our Children project, and a touching letter from mama to daughter about what makes a girl beautiful.