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Thoughts on the first five years/ The Creative Mama/ Hannah Mayo

Birth... the stories, the photos/ The Creative Mama/ Clair/ great links for birth photography/ featured photo by Hannah Mayo

he teaches me/ the creative mama/ a mother learns lessons in art and life as she watches her 4-year old son paint. (Hannah)

He May Not Remember, But I Will/ The Creative Mama/ Stephanie/ Incredibly touching story about how a mama's heart breaks when her child's heart breaks.

creativity and motherhood/ the creative mama/ " I have found some small ways to help myself feel more inspired and remind me- even on the craziest days- of the creative being I am apart from all my other roles in life." (Hannah)

The Pillow in the MIddle | The Creative Mama | Angie Warren | "Being mama to a four-year-old comes with your basic tempter tantrums, learning of letters and numbers, eskimo kisses, and the occasional embarrassing stories they like to tell total strangers. It also comes with new fears, new routines, and new habits." Click to read full article.

Letters to My Daughter: What Makes You Beautiful?/ The Creative Mama/ Stephanie Beaty/ The art of writing a letter to a child, Letters to Our Children project, and a touching letter from mama to daughter about what makes a girl beautiful.

hearing his music once again/ the creative mama/ ADHD-medication helps one seven year old "enjoy the life he loves, the life he deserves." (Samantha)

Say Yes, the creative mama oh the things a mom will be glad she didn't miss when she says "yes!" (Samantha)

Dear New NICU Mama/ The Creative Mama NICU series/ author Samantha Nelson, images by Jessica Strom/ "I imagine you’re reading this because you’ve just found yourself thrown into a whirlwind birth and you’re feeling a little alone. First, you need to know that you are not alone. There are many that have walked this road before you. If I could go back and tell myself some things, as well as impart to you the things I learned on my own journey, it would look a little something like this…"