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[inaudible shit talking]
I don't really have a board for this, but I liked it... <3
Crushing on Gina Homolka of Skinnytaste, Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup and a Cookbook Giveaway - foodiecrush
Stockings, 1870, Met - just bought some almost exactly like this in San Francisco!
25 ways to show your husband you love him...  http://seedtime.com/free-ways-to-show-your-husband-you-love-him/
Today’s Remnant Fabric Adventure uses two different types of fabric; Minky and Terry Cloth. I have found both of these in the remnant bin previously. There are many different colors available with both of these fabrics which could make some fun combinations. To create these, cut 4″ squares out of both minky and terry cloth. [...]
Hopless -  I pray for the same thing every day and nothing ever changes. I was suppose to have met my future wife by now. I wanted to be a husband, and Im still single, cant get dates, cant even make friends with women. Imso frustrated, depressed, and disapointed. My dream is shattered. My family hates my depression, and yells at me because I cant stop being depressed. I try to not think about being single, and lonely but the harder I try to ignore it, the more it seems to get to me. And I…
If you love something let it go. Don't ask them to come away with you. :-|
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