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Former Microsoft Exec Hardeep Walia and his company Motif Investing just launched an investment platform where you can trade stocks by theme rather than industry. So you can invest in “women” or “water shortage” – and although that sounds like some illegal trafficking, it’s not – read the details at the link.

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Not only does this printer print, BUT when you tap your printout on the device it will re-access the web page or image you printed.

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Shopping Site Uses Facebook ‘Likes’ To Build Personal Catalogs [Future Of Retail

Culling Facebook “Likes” from you and your “friends,” Glimpse creates a custom catalog of products that you can purchase right through the platform.

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Burst, The Family-Friendly Instagram Of Video, Goes For Olympic Gold

Like Viddy and Social Cam, Burst is aiming to make it “the Instagram of video” BUT they are targeting people who are looking to share video with family. They’ve partnered with Tim Morehouse, a U.S. Olympic fencer who will use the app for a behind-the-scenes look in London. An interesting component of the app is it allows you to make “sharing lists” – so not everyone has to see everything you want to share.

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The Universe Gets Its Own Twitter Account & Humorously Responds When Mentioned

Who to follow this month? THE UNIVERSE. We love the humorous tweets it replies to people with.

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Dog Bone Soothes Pets With Smells And Sounds Of Owner

To comfort dogs from separation anxiety, “WithMe Bone” is a concept bone that smells and sounds like the pet owner. The bone can be stuffed with a piece of worn clothing and small holes in the bones let the smell out. There is also a tiny voice recorder that plays back when the dog shakes the bone.

If you’re like me and solve 95 percent of problems with Rock, Paper, Scissor you will not be happy with the invention of Janken. Janken is a robot that will beat you in every RPS game you play. How? The robot uses high-speed vision to analyze the position and shape of your hand to predict what you’re going to throw.

ISSUE 31: GALLIUM: We haven't heard the words "heat wave" this much since 1963 when Martha & The Vendettas sang a little ditty with that name. Okay, so we weren't around back then, but that's what our Grandmother tells us. She also has a theory on how technology has ruined potato peelers but we'll save that for another time.

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Moneyball 2.0: How Missile Tracking Cameras Are Remaking The NBA

Technology that was originally developed to track missiles is now being used inside of NBA arenas to track each player as they shoot, pass and run around the court. This technology cannot just tell you a player’s shooting average BUT what his shooting average is after dribbling once, after dribbling twice, etc. This data could change how players are recruited & how the teams are coached. Out of the ten teams currently using this, four made the playoffs, including finalist Oklahoma City…

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Flash Deals Site Personalizes Based On Shopper's 'Style-Graph' [Future Of Retail

Aggregating your most-recent purchases and what you share on your social networks, Uncovert curates a flash sale deal just for you.