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Here you can find some really unusual, strange, weird building designs. Check these bizarre, quirky and strange building designs for your inspiration.

Architecture originale : des habitations hors du commun - Floriane Lemarié

Burg Eltz Castle. Germany. By izik Burg Eltz is another example of outstanding German castles. This amazing medieval construction in southwest Germany is still owned by a branch of the same family that resided there over 800 years ago. The present owner o

Probably one of the most awe inspiring building in the world, and I've seen a few. Never ever wanted to eat a building before...weird reaction I know!

Michael Jantzen Deconstructs Buildings Into Fantastical Fragmentary Forms

no info, so not sure if it's photo-shopped...out of the ordinary nonetheless, ...since originally posting, have found out, this is the work of Michael Jantzen and his " Deconstructing the Houses " ..thx Sloan SHATTERED IN THE FABRIC OF SPACE.

Unusually cool homes and buildings (31 photos)

House is dope. Via

Praha | Prague (Praha)

Czech National Library in Prague. The 40.000 sqm building is placed on a white unpolished marble platform, with mirror finished stainless steel wings lifted up the perimeter edges to reflect the building from different angles. Its unique form and curvature is a reference to baroque buildings in Prague. The skin is covered with champagne coloured anodised aluminium tiles fading from dark at the bottom to light at the top.