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Anyone craving for some croissants? This side-by-side image looks even better with 3DWiggle.

Good morning! We hope you are enjoying your breakfast :-), our croissants are delicious. This side-by-side images were created with 3DWiggle. #3dwiggle #software #apps #stereoscopy #stereogram #stereoscopic #stereoscopic3d #stereo3d #foodporn #fridayfunday

Interesting place for a coffee break or lunch with your dearest ones. Example of side-by-side image created with 3DWiggle.

Time for lunch? Side-by-side image of meat, veggies and fruit made with 3DWiggle.

Elegance and sport - perfect combination made by Jaguar designers. Creating side-by-side images is one of the features 3DWiggle provides.

Ultimate sophistication is the middle name for BMW. Example of side-by-side image created with 3DWiggle.

For all you guys new in 3D, this is not a spot the difference game or two identical images. It's a 3D picture, so just gently cross your eyes until you see a third picture in the middle. It will be in 3D.